Cara Upgrade Zenfone 2 Manual adb

Hai sob zon3-android dikesempatan ini akan berbagi Solusi Upgrade firmware Zenfone 2 ZE551ML Asus Z00A v2.20.40.58 secara Manual via adb, bagi sobat yang belum dapat Update melalui OTA jangan sedih. Ada beberapa fitur tambahan dari sebelumnya  Jaringan 3 (Tri indonesia) dengan jaringan HSPA+  dan masih banyak fitur lainya.

flashing zenfone 2

Fitur Terbaru Zenfone 2 v2.20.40.58

  • Fix WIFI info sync-up issue
  • Add Hands up function
  • Added six major functions in Mobile Manager app.
  • Improve System UI and lock screen stability
  • Improve Launcher App stability
  • Fix Alarm function issue after set up in Snap View mode
  • Improve Task Manager
  • Optimize Multi user and Do not disturb mode function stability
  • Fix camera sphere panorama issue
  • Fixed Cover View issue
  • Improve Flip cover function
  • Improve Auto Start Manager stability
  • Fixed when AC removed, UI still shows in charge mode.
  • Fixed Cisco Anywhere VPN connectin fail issue
  • Fix Wi-Fi hot spot MAC address
  • Fixed issue that noise comes out when use earphone.
  • Fixed issue that UI shows only can making emergency call but actually not.
  • Fixed vibrate function fail.
  • Fixed NFC can not auto connect to BT earphone.
  • Fixed can’t transfer files through NFC.
  • Fixed can’t use Kingston 32G SD
  • Fixed auto enable MTP issue.
  • Support AES.
  • Fixed Screen won’t turn on after hang off the phone.
  • Fixed no show PCCW issue.
  • Fixed Wi-Fi hot spot can not be access by Xbox360
  • Fixed 4G internet issue.
  • Fixed ID modem issue.
  • Fixed internet icon issue.
  • Fixed charge issue.
  • (RU) Fixed the issue that apps Task Manager error when use Boost function.
  • (RU) Fixed the setting in russian issue

Bahan Flashing

  • Firmware Asus  v2.20.40.58 (Download)

Cara Update Asus Zenfone 2 Manual

  1. Download Tool_Adb
  2. Install Driver Asus
  3. Download image recovery  Klik Disini (catatan : sesuaikan versi firmware sobat. firmware terbaru menggunakan cukup ) Contoh : series ze511ML
  4. Matikan smartphone sobat dan masuk ke Boot to fastboot mode (Power + Vol Up)
  5. Pakai ADB command prompt flash files  dengan fastboot commands :
    -fastboot flash recovery recovery.img
    -fastboot flash boot boot.img
    -fastboot flash fastboot droidboot.img
  6. Isikan sintak / kode perintah pada CMD command prompt di atas
  7. Jika semua sudah selesai “Reboot phone
  8. Selanjutnya Flashing, jika belum bisa cara Flashing klik disini
  9. Selesai

Catatan : Download Recovery sesuai versi firmware pada langkah no 3,  setelah recovery terganti flashing melalui Recovery  ADB Sideload seperti langkah no 8

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